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Participants join in on a one time topic based 90 minute group conversation with leaders in the field. Valuing our connection to the past, present and future, we host the thriving viewpoints, new directions and movements that have come from the foundation (roots) and vision of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

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Dan Bienenfeld 

Presents The Artful Weaving of Structural Integration, Movement and Therapeutic Dialogue. As a listener you will see how these three intermingle and can be highly effective in an SI session.  Dan is Training Director for Hellerwork SI.

 Jan Sultan

Jan has been a major contributor to the Rolfing community.  Trained with Dr. Rolf and is Senior Faculty at RISI.   In this audio recording  he talks about the evolution of Rolfing. He gives history, shares stories  and gives the listener a sense of direction.

I am so grateful I was able to hear these audio recordings. I have been wondering about what CE classes  to take and being able to listen to different teachers helped me make my choice.    Thanks Liz!!

GC ISSI Practitioner

Joseph Heller

Founder of Hellerwork, and at one time President of the RISI, Joseph Heller shares his current love of movement work which he calls “Gravidynamics”.  He’ll also share some background about how he is currently working with his clients in space, upright in movement vs on the SI table.  Heller shares stories as well as talking about his path and his process.

Isaac Osborne

Creator of the Body Align Pro app the top tracking tool for manual therapists and personal trainers who want to record images and movement patterns, take notes and much more.

 Emmett Hutchins 

Emmett Hutchins talks about sessions 1, 2 & 3 of the basic 10 and specifically touches on the idea of Layers, Length and Lumbars.  He also shares his perspective on the 10 series, plus remembers stories about Stacey Mills, Peter Melchior and Dr. Rolf.  There is a special moment where he talks about SI and LOVE.

Bob Schrei

Founder of SourcePoint Therapy and long time Rolfer, Bob Schrei talks about the energetics of  the work.  Bob also speaks about a posting on the Structural Integrators Facebook page and touches in on Rolfing as channelled information.

Jeff Linn

Trained with Ed Maupin at IPSB, GSI, and RISI, Jeff Linn is on the Faculty at The Guild For Structural Integration and pioneered an imaging system to help SI students track changes in their clients while in their  basic trainings.  As a  lead historian of Dr. Rolf, Jeff  speaks to her  background and some of her studies and interests.

Sharon Wheeler

Trained by  Dr. Rolf, Sharon Wheeler currently teaches 4 CE courses internationally.  On this audio she shares stories, history and more about her courses and her path as a seasoned practitioner and teacher.

Lauren Christman

Bringing a broad scope of knowledge and grace to the SI community, Lauren Christman speaks about cranial work as well as her work with children.

Jeffrey Maitland

Sharing  a bit of his history as a Rolfer, talks about the art of seeing, his upcoming book and much more.

Liz Gaginni

A long time Rolfer and creator her own CE program, Liz Gaginni speaks about her courses, BioMechanics of Alignment and Core Integration. Liz walks the listener through the two courses and gives a historical view of how this work was created; she also describes a way of seeing and strategies of touch.

Jane Harrington and Suzanne Picard

Two  Rolf Movement Teachers from RISI describe the teaching that they are doing together. They bring their unique gifts to the table, are inviting and  inspiring.  They complement each other and by the end of this recording you can see how they have different yet very compatible approaches to teaching Rolf Movement.  You will hear about their classes that are now open to all SI Practitioners.

There is more coming soon!

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