About Liz Stewart

View More: http://lizzypurcellimaging.pass.us/fabulouslizstewart-secondshootBeing a part of the SI community since 1991, I’ve been fortunate to learn from some remarkable people in our profession. I was profoundly touched and moved by my 10 series and movement work and like many before me, I went on to study SI at The Guild For Structural Integration (GSI). After graduation, I worked at GSI which gave me a chance to watch as many demos as possible. I helped in the office, cleaned the classroom, took photos for classroom models, started assisting in classes and over time, joined the faculty to teach Basic Training. Eventually, I left the GSI faculty to be part of the larger SI community, offering CE courses on Series Review to graduates from IASI approved schools.  I am delighted to have been voted the “Best of Boulder (Colorado) – 2016” for Structural Integration.

Preserving the legacy of our profession, moving forward, and having a place for us to best-of-boulder 2016connect is my inspiration for creating SIconnect.  Through SIconnect, you now have access to teachers, products and people of interest who are helping to shape our field.  Besides being a perpetual student, with a wonderful private practice in Boulder, Colorado, I study group dynamics and offer supervision for practitioners individually and in small groups. I am glad you are here! -Liz Stewart