What is SIconnect?

SIconnect  is a resource where Structural Integrators and other professionals interested in connecting in the field can learn, share and be inspired.   You can  join in a live group discussion or listen and/or view as an onDemand option.

Our Vision

This website  was created for you to stay connected to the history and evolution of Dr. Rolf’s work.  You can  hear and watch leaders in the field sharing views, stories, directions they have taken.  You can  learn about Continuing Education,  research, books, and more.   From the inception when Dr. Rolf first began teaching  her work  to where we are currently, there is  growth.  SIconnect has inspiring audio recordings, access to online live video discussions and onDemand options  from featured leaders in our field.  There will be more and more as the site unfolds.  Like SI this web page is a work in progress and is a project in process.  Keep checking back to see what’s new!

Our logo represents our connection to the past, present and future.  The tree depicts the many thriving viewpoints, new directions and movements that have come out of the foundation (roots) and vision that Ida Rolf established.

One bright leaf holds the question of what else is possible.  Here at SIconnect, we explore these viewpoints  while connecting community to leaders in our industry today.

Dr. Ida Rolf founded the work we call Structural Integration. Over the years this body of work has continued to evolve.

Words like fascia, integration, alignment, core and layers are known and used in bodywork, research, exercise, movement systems, dance, sports, psychology, etc.  

Her vision reaches far and has touched many.

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January 2   Jim Oschman

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